Virtualization - The golden age of home based trials has started

Virtualization - The golden age of home based trials has started


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers need to adjust clinical trial setups due to the stay-at-home orders and risk of virus transmission. The golden time of virtual and home-based clinical trials has started.

As physical contact is kept at the minimum in order not to expose patients and physicians to unnecessary risks, this creates challenges for conducting clinical trials on multiple levels. Digital technologies offer an innovative solution and have the power to transform clinical development, significantly increasing the effectiveness of developing new therapies and enabling patient centricity. As the crisis has driven a surge of interest in virtualizing certain aspects of clinical trials, SCARLETRED’s clinically validated skin imaging and analysis technology allows to push clinical research forward while ensuring the safety of the involved subjects, with potential to contribute to the enhancement of health care services and clinical research now and in the future. 


Artificial intelligence for managing challenges in the healthcare system

The increasing demand of digitalization is now primarily due to the current pandemic, however, also because of its potential in improving healthcare services. The implementation of digital technology and artificial intelligence (AI) in clinical trials can be beneficial for biopharma, pharma and biotech companies in these difficult times as it can facilitate the reshaping of clinical trial designs. In traditional clinical trials, participants are required to make frequent in-person visits to a clinic or hospital. On the other side, the virtualization of some aspects of trials or remote medical practices is allowing researchers to recruit patients, obtain informed consent and monitor safety. 

By the decentralization of clinical studies, the researchers are able to collect data without the subjects having to leave their home, which is one of the issues biopharma companies, CROs and sponsors are facing when they are planning to continue with their clinical trials during COVID-19 times. The use of AI enables healthcare service providers to improve patient management processes through remote monitoring and follow-ups, ensuring the continuity of access to day-to-day care and creating a wider information base for clinical decision making. Next to the benefits for the patient, digitalization of clinical studies also potentially improve the accessibility to care and collaboration among professionals, while optimizing the use of their time and reviving innovation in therapeutic treatment plans. 

Virtual doctor using telemedicine with the help of artificial intelligence

Remote patient monitoring during COVID-19 pandemic

SCARLETRED’s digital technology supports biopharma, pharma and biotech companies to reshape the way clinical trials are being conducted, with the potential to contribute to the enhancement of health care services and clinical research. The medical device certified platform is ideal for managing several current and acute challenges in the health care system in response to global infectious disease outbreaks, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, as well as remote and home based patient monitoring. Scarletred®Vision skin imaging technology is based on an AI-powered software enabling high quality documentation and analysis of an extensive variety of skin conditions and any visible changes on the skin surface either resulting from a dermatological disorder or developed as a result of the experimental drug administration. 

Using this technology, innovative trial design can be created with potential to improve patient experience as well as compliance, to act as recruitment and retention tools, and to establish novel endpoints in clinical studies. The platform not only fits to monitor symptoms, but also ensures secure and ICH-GCP compliant data flow. This state-of-the-art technology improves remote patient care and monitoring and provides essential information for clinical trials while keeping patients and physicians safe. Furthermore, the platform serves as an analytical and documentation tool for the digital information acquired during clinical trials in compliance with the highest regulatory and safety standards. The use of unique Scarletred®QR codes assures data security and patient anonymity, allowing easy and secure data management and optional information exchange.


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Next generation of clinical research

The implementation of state-of-the-art digital technologies offers a way for biopharma, pharma and biotech companies where clinical research can move forward, even in times of the COVID-19 pandemic. SCARLETRED’s CE medical device certified technology provides a great opportunity to accommodate this shift in clinical trial designs in compliance with the present restrictions and regulations and at the same time, it encourages virtualization and the use of novel AI tools in clinical research. This way, using decentralized clinical trial design, CROs and sponsors are able to remotely monitor their patients taking part in a clinical trial as well as making it possible to engage with a more diverse patient population, accelerate recruiting, and lower the burden of participation. 

The increased use of telehealth services during the COVID-19 pandemic could lead to a significant demand for new technologies in the upcoming years, enhancing the future of healthcare with better products and pushing the development of the next generation of decentralized clinical research. 

Scarletred®Vision’s innovative approach to creating digital solutions is the first of its kind. Its modular framework makes it applicable to all skin conditions (dermatological diseases, injection sites, drug reactions, allergic reactions, cosmeceuticals and many more). The certified Medical Device offers digital documentation and analytical tools that have been proven, both in the clinical and home-based settings, to increase data quality, enable doctors to quantify visual parameters, to improve patient treatment regimen and patient compliance, save doctors time, and generate analyses that are not obtainable with other technologies in the field.

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