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Skin Patch

Our patented Scarletred®Vision Skin Patch is automatically detected by the Scarletred®Vision App and allows to normalizing taken skin images by color and size in a GCP compliant process. The biocompatible adhesive film allows mounting of the patch even on very sensitive skin.

Mobile App

The app is developed and tested in clinical trials with medical experts and allows to convert a GCP compliant process in your clinical trial and medical routine applications. Upon request we offer a 100% controlled remote service in which we supply the latest iPhone models with the Scarletred®Vision App pre installed to the client directly. This includes a remote managed service.

Mobile App is a smart companion and available via the App store

Online Platform

It is an online-enabled dermatological imaging platform for image data management and analysis, and the main component of the medical device. Previously generated dermatological images can either be transferred to the Scarletred®Online platform REMOTELY from the Scarletred®Mobile app


QR and trial codes increase data safety and automate data allocation

Saving costs

Automation of time and error pronce process steps lead to 90% cost reduction

Real time

We enable remote monitoring and analysis which leads to two times higher patient compliance.

Objective data

Standardization of skin imagining and scoring with Scarletred®Vision leads to superior data quality.

Hardware independent

Subscription ensures that your tools are up to date and reduces your infrastructure cost


Scarletred®Vision can be used in a broad range of dermatological applications