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Today’s skincare market is aiming to develop and provide efficient treatment solutions for more than 3 000 skin diseases. Driven by this challenge, combined with the high medical need, a multitude of new or improved formulas are under constant development and get released each year into a fast growing and highly diverse global Dermatology market.

Despite of the fact that there are tremendous international R&D activities in Biopharma, Cosmetics and Medical industry there is an extreme lack of objective technologies for easy detecting, monitoring and analysis of the investigated skin issues and for validating safety and efficacy of the tested treatment options. The visual assessment of skin disorders is limited in precision and can be highly time-consuming, leading often to weak information and results, especially when the study size or observed effects are small.

Inefficient procedures in the end, costs healthcare providers a lot of time and money and can lower also the change of a treatment success. Thus novel and state of the art digital solutions for global health care industry and patients are required.

Our interdisciplinary team delivers state of the art digital solutions closing technology gaps in Dermatology and Telemedicine

The clinically validated software platform Scarletred® is on market since 2015 and enables high quality remote skin imaging and analysis in a multitude of skin conditions. Our first product and award winning technology is supplied internationally via flexible Software as a Service (SaaS) to Biopharma, Cosmetics and Medtech companies. The platform has been extended in 2020 by new Telemedicine SaaS tools for governmental, hospital and medical routine use.

  • Harald Schnidar PhD MBA

    CEO, President & Founder

    Dr. Harald Schnidar is the founder and CEO of the award-winning digital health company SCARLETRED. The company is headquartered in Vienna and recently expanded to the U.S. by establishing a corporation at the reputational Cambridge Innovation Center next to MIT. Dr. Schnidar is the inventor of Scarletred®Vision, a novel technology that is poised to transform the global dermatology market. Before SCARLETRED, he worked in academics and clinical R&D for skin pharmaceuticals. Dr. Harald Schnidar holds a PhD in Genetics from the University of Salzburg.

  • Stefan Schnidar MSc

    CTO, Co-founder

    Stefan is leading our mobile app and web platform development activities. He started his career very early as software programmer and after gaining valuable cross industry know how in large ICT projects he became a successful serial entrepreneur and founding member of Scarletred. Stefan holds a master degree in interactive media management.

  • Kathrin Schnidar Bac

    CFO, Co-founder

    Kathrin is managing our finances, investor relations, human resources and contracting work. She started her career in public health care and then extended her interest into economics where she collected years of experience as senior assistant in one of the big 4 audit and tax companies. Her academic background is business law and economics.

  • Richard Partl Medical R&D

    Advisory Board

  • Hannes Trattner MD Dr. med

    Board Certified Dermatologist (Advisory Board)

  • Alexander Habinski

    Advisory Board

Our digital software solutions are easy to use and enable to deliver better skin care products and health care services faster at significant lower development cost.

SCARLETRED - Company history and milestones


Clinical proof of concept

EUR 500K Pre-seed

SCARLETRED Holding GmbH in Vienna, Austria

Applications worldwide, granted in first health care markets

Go Silicon Valley at Plug&Play Tech Center (USA)

CE medical device class 1 for Scarletred®Vision

App of the Year Award by Futurezone

EUR 800K AWS Seed

1st in EU (Biopharma)

1st in USA (Medtech)

Global Nr 1 (Cosmetics)

Austrian State Prize "Digital Solution" by
Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy (BMWFW)

Crowd investment EUR 600K EUR (Greenrocket)

SCARLETRED Inc in Boston (USA)

Granted in Europe and USA

Boston Landing Zone at CIC (USA)

Young Innovators by WSA United Nations

Granted in Japan, Australia and other markets

ISO 13485 Quality Management System

Top of Styria Award

Tech Start-Up Award


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