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SCARLETRED is a Digital Health Company designing, developing and delivering revolutionary Software Products and Services in Dermatology and Telemedicine

Our mission is to introduce standardization in the process of medical data generation, objectify disease & treatment assessment and accelerate data analysis in clinical trials & routine.

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Our solution for Dermatology

Scarletred® Vision is a state of the art, medical device certified, ICH-GCP and GDPR compliant mobile software platform enabling our clients to develop better skin products and innovative health care services faster at significant lower cost.

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Certified and secure technology platform, patented world wide

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Scarletred®Vision is clinically validated and approved on the market for intended use in more than 3.000 skin diseases. Primary use is currently in ...

Our Clients and Service

Our award winning technology is supplied worldwide and direct to Biopharma-, and Cosmetics companies, Hospitals, Insurances, CRO's and medical experts via flexible Software as a Service (SaaS).

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Immediate benefits

Saving costs

Working with Scarletred®Vision is very cost efficient. Automation of time and error prone process steps lead to 90% cost reduction

Real time

We enable remote monitoring and analysis which leads to two times higher patient compliance.

Objective data

Standardization of skin imagining and scoring with Scarletred®Vision leads to superior data quality.


Scarletred®Vision is CE class I registered mobile medical device


Scarletred®Vision can be used in a broad range of dermatological applications


Our products are very easy to use

Hardware independent

Subscription ensures that your tools are up to date and reduces your infrastructure cost


QR and trial codes increase data safety and automate data allocation


The system is 100% mobile

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Our flexible SaaS model enables easy up-, and down scaling according to your demands.
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