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Digital Dermatology

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SCARLETRED is a Digital Health Company designing, developing and delivering revolutionary Software Products and Services in Dermatology and Telemedicine

Our mission is to introduce standardization in the process of skin data generation, objectify disease & treatment assessment and accelerate data analysis in clinical trials & medical routine.

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Our solution for Dermatology

Scarletred® Vision is a state of the art, medical device certified, ICH-GCP and GDPR compliant mobile software platform enabling our clients to develop better skin products and innovative health care services faster at significant lower cost.

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Medical device certified, GDPR, ICH-GCP and HIPPA compliant software platform

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Scarletred® system components are clinically validated and medical device approved for intended use in more than 3.000 skin diseases with primary applications currently in ...

Our Clients and Service

We supply worldwide to Biopharma-, and Cosmetics companies, Hospitals, Insurances, CRO's and Experts via flexible Software as a Service (SaaS) agreements.

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Immediate benefits increasing your competitive advantage


Automation of time and error prone manual steps reduces opportunity cost and risks


Remote monitoring and analysis increases patient compliance.and treatment success


Standardization of skin imaging and scoring increases data quality and statistical power


Easy scalable system for small piloting up to worldwide and hybrid trial applications


Mobile and web based platform working on every operating system and browser


Anonymous QR codes for fast subjects data tracking and automated data processing

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Let's get started

Our flexible SaaS packages enable easy up-, and down scaling of your target application and full system customisation as per demand ...

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