Join and Benefit From SCARLETRED’s Market Research Study for Telemedicine Applications in Atopic Dermatitis

Join and Benefit From SCARLETRED’s Market Research Study for Telemedicine Applications in Atopic Dermatitis


Striving to develop and expand Scarletred®Vision’s telemedicine applications, we are happy to invite medical doctors to join our Discovery Program to include our software in clinical routine procedures free of cost.

Our latest Discovery Program includes the novel telemedicine applications in Atopic dermatitis research and monitoring. The study encourages medical doctors to explore Scarletred®Vision for moderate to severe Atopic dermatitis research in Germany and the US and can be easily introduced into clinical routine. By including Scarletred®Vision into your own AD therapy documentation and monitoring, you can benefit from high quality imaging with quantified and standardized data while helping us to further improve the system for AD related applications.

Medical professionals take a photo of the affected skin area for documentation and analysis.
Using the clinical tool SCORAD (SCORing atopic dermatitis) to assess and quantify the extent of eczema

The project is comprised of three phases lasting each for three months each, of which you can conduct one or all phases with Scarletred®Vision. You and your team will be trained by us on how to properly use the medical device software to maximize the quality of results. In addition, questionnaires are implemented to provide feedback on  the software tools and the usage itself, while collecting patient reported outcomes. Most importantly, monitoring can happen fully remote, as well, to be efficient for the patients and the doctor. As you continue with your project, we will be happy to answer all of your questions along the way and hear about your feedback!

Calibrated image (left) using the SCARLETRED skin patch and pseudo colored signal mapped image (right) enable objective disease  and quantitative analysis of skin changes independent from the skintype. 

Contact us now to improve your clinical routine for your patients and yourself!

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