128 SHADES OF RED: Objective Remote Assessment of Radiation Dermatitis by Augmented Digital Skin Imaging

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The purpose of our investigation was to develop a novel and state of the art digital skin imaging method capable for remote monitoring and objective assessment of Radiation Induced Dermatitis (RID). Therefore, radiation therapy related side effects were assessed by medical experts according to Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events (CTCAE) grade of severity in 20 female breast cancer patients in a clinical trial over the treatment time frame of 25-28 radiation cycles, 50.0 – 50.4 Gy each. Furthermore the intensity of developed skin erythema was documented by using conventional spectrophotometry plus digital skin imaging. Thereby we could derive the Standardized Erythema Value (SEV), a novel objective parameter, which in contrast to single parametric L* and a* delivers a long dynamic measurement range for analyzing RID from bright to very dark skin tones. Methodical superiority of the SEV could be proven over spectrophotometer measurements in terms of a higher sensitivity and by enabling signal intensity mapping in analyzed skin images. Our thereupon-derived patent enables novel objective dermatologic eHealth applications in a broad range of medical and industrial use by opening likewise the window for augmented dermatology. The first of its kind system is now already further developed in form of the medical device product Scarletred®Vision. It is available on the market for primary usage in clinical trials and in medical routine.

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