SCARLETRED's digital solution for vaccine development featured in the business magazine “Gewinn”

SCARLETRED's digital solution for vaccine development featured in the business magazine “Gewinn”


The business magazine Gewinn discusses how Scarletred®Vision is an excellent addition to the safety and monitoring of injection site reactions (ISRs) in vaccine development.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and digitalization are playing an ever-increasing role in medicine. The COVID-19 pandemic, in particular, has only accelerated this growth. Using the AI-based certified medical device software Scarletred®Vision, skin changes, e.g., in the form of reactions at the injection site during vaccinations or other medical injections, can be measured objectively and quantitatively. The medical staff can only assign the anonymized data of the studies to assess acute reactions better and intervene if necessary. The applications of telemedicine options can thus provide significant relief to patients and costs in the healthcare system.

The global vaccination market is not only growing rapidly in the pandemic but is expected to double from $46.88 billion in 2019 to more than $104.87 billion in 2027. A significant role plays the discussion about future or already existing vaccination mandates in various countries. In Austria, this is the case from February 2022. Due to the scalability and reproducibility of the AI-based algorithm, it can be applied to a broader range of diseases in the future, in addition to injection site reactions. 

The full article can be found in the Lifestyle & Health section of the Gewinn and down below as a PDF file.

For more information on diseases and applications of Scarletred®Vision, feel free to contact us.

Keywords:Certified, CE class 1m medical device, ISO13485
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