Modern telemedicine for suspected corona cases: SeneCura uses the Scarletred app "eCOVID19"

Modern telemedicine for suspected corona cases: SeneCura uses the Scarletred app "eCOVID19"


SeneCura is currently using the CE-certified medical device of Scarletred in eleven care facilities, after which a roll-out to every SeneCura facilities in Austria is planned.

Scarletred eCOVID19 application on computer, laptop and smart phone
The Scarletred eCOVID19 App

SeneCura is currently using the CE-certified medical device in eleven care facilities, after which a roll-out to all SeneCura facilities in Austria is planned

Vienna, May 5, 2020. After SeneCura introduced its own medical hotline for its facilities, the offer is now linked to Scarletred's “eCOVID19” telemedicine platform. With the help of the app, which can be installed on smartphones and tablets and is specially tailored to the needs of high-risk groups, people who show symptoms of COVID-19 should be given easy advice and quickly forwarded to the right place.


Electronic quick check relieves pressure on the health care system and saves valuable time

The SeneCura Social Center Pressbaum has acted as a pilot house in the past few weeks and is the first care facility to use Scarletred's eCOVID19 app. Ten more SeneCura nursing facilities now follow in preparation for the Austria-wide roll-out. In a first step, the app, which is available for iPhone and Android, works as follows: The user (or supportive nursing staff) answers a few simple questions on the display that include age, health status and symptoms and then automatically get an anonymous QR Code and a risk level assigned - green, yellow, red. Depending on the individual risk level, there will be then different options.

The request of the nursing staff can then either be forwarded to a national wide hotline (1450 in Austria) or directly conduct a video call with a physician individually assigned to the user. For this purpose, the company Scarletred as a technology frontrunner introduced the digital health ticket for the first time in Austria, which can be issued by doctors to their patients in order to use the new telemedicine service. Thereby any doctor can easily transform into a Telehealth provider and answer requests via a web portal, which transmits the associated risk and, if necessary as the current location of the person. A detailed assessment and recommendations for further medical measures are then made via video triage.


Medical staff from OptimaMed provides advice using the Scarletred mobile app

"With doctors from our currently largely closed OptimaMed rehabilitation facilities, SeneCura has set up a hotline for advising the senior nursing staff in our facilities. The successful cooperation in the field of telemedicine is now being continued together with the Viennese eHealth company Scarletred. With the eCOVID-19 symptom check, SeneCura social centers can be provided with a screening for the presence of a COVID-19 disease even more efficiently and quickly. And the general practitioners, but also the Austrian health number 1450, are significantly relieved, ”says SeneCura CEO Anton Kellner, MBA. With Scarletred, SeneCura has already launched a project for dermatological wound analysis in the past. "What is very important to mention: We see the app as meaningful digital support - but the focus is still on personal care from our nursing staff, which is still guaranteed while adhering to the strictest protective measures," adds Kellner.


Person using the Scareetred COVID19 telemedicine app
Using the Scarletred eCOVID19 App

Online to the doctor with the Scarletred digital health ticket

Dr. Harald Schnidar, MBA, CEO Scarletred: “With the rollout of eCOVID19 in the care facilities of the SeneCura Group, a first important step has now been taken to position the new technology of Scarletred exactly where it can help the most. At the basis of our ISO13485 and CE medical device certification combined with our high quality and data security standards, the application is approved Europe-wide and we are now also working with many new cooperation partners such as the BRZ to rapidly expand the functions, such as the integration of the e-prescription and the connection of pharmacies and diagnostic centers via digital citizen wallet. Numerous of cities among them also Vienna and Graz show a very high interest in our modern cloud based solution.

Important is also our overall strategy which in contrast to others, does not focus primarily on big data apps, but on efficient and precise smart data applications, which do not deliver any hypothesis-driven promises, but immediate benefits for our primary target group. With eCOVID19, we are therefore deliberately aiming on people who belong to a high-risk group and who would like to take advantage of a tele-consultation with their trusted doctor based on the digital health ticket that we have now introduced. The telemedical service provided by the doctor can be invoiced to the Austrian health insurance company (ÖGK) just like a service provided directly in the doctors office”, says the company's founder. The app can be downloaded free of charge from the Android and iOS app stores. More information via:

Scarletred eCOVID19 telemedicine application
The Scarletred eCOVID19 Telemedicine App

About SeneCura

SeneCura is one of the market and innovation leaders in the private sector in nursing and operates 85 health and nursing facilities in Austria with around 7,470 beds and nursing places. In addition to inpatient care, the group also offers home nursing, 24-hour care and the assisted residential complexes “BePartments”. Many SeneCura facilities have integrated kindergartens in the sense of multi-generation houses. In the health sector, the SeneCura portfolio includes the OptimaMed facilities with outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation centers, health resorts with offers for active health care and health cure, physical institutes and a dialysis center. Nursing facilities in Slovenia and the Czech Republic complete the SeneCura Group. SeneCura is part of the French ORPEA Group since 2015, which is one of the leading international companies with 1,014 care and health facilities. Within this group, SeneCura is responsible as a competence center for the Central and Eastern Europe region. Switzerland with its Senevita facilities also belongs to the group of countries that SeneCura heads.


eCOVID 19 in-app questionnaire by Scarletred
Person is filling out the questionnaire on the Scarletred eCOVID19 App.


SCARLETRED is an international award-winning digital healthcare company with a unique technology focus in the field of dermatology and telemedicine. The Austrian ScaleUp, headquartered in Vienna, is ISO13485 certified and has been developing medical products based on the highest possible quality and safety standards worldwide since 2014. In 2018, the team and company expanded with its subsidiary Scarletred Inc next to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the USA / Boston where the entry into the American teledermatology and telemedicine market is the main focus. Internationally known and endowed with numerous awards, including the Austrian State Prize for Digitisation, SCARLETRED became with its medical product ScarletredVision, an innovative software that is primarily sold to well known pharmaceutical companies. The ambitious team has now made use of the broad know-how which they built up on the market over the past few years and put it together to rapidly develop the new COVID-19 application. The resulting product eCOVID19 is the world's first software platform available on the market as CE Class I medical device, which is specifically tailored to the needs of people who fall within the high-risk group in case of a COVID-19 infection. The group mainly includes older people with chronic diseases or young people with a weak or suppressed immune system, and above all includes also numerous employees in a wide range of nursing professions.

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