CEO Harald Schnidar in the B&C Group podcast about protection for innovations and patent rights

CEO Harald Schnidar in the B&C Group podcast about protection for innovations and patent rights


In the B&C Group's podcast Über:Mut, Scarletred's CEO Harald Schnidar discusses together with Mariana Karepova, President of the Austrian Patent Office, the protection and potential of innovations in Austria.

The B&C Group podcast Über:Mut invites personalities from the fields of business, research, and education to discuss their ideas, successes, and hurdles. Central to the discussion is the promotion and strengthening of Austria as a business location and how the country can be made more attractive as a business location. The podcast is not only intended for experts in the field and in Austria but also aims at the interdisciplinary and international exchange. Previous podcast episodes included guests from universities and research, supervisory boards, as well as authors, and educators.

In the 7th episode: The Patent - Protection for Innovation, host Isabella Richtar of B&C Group joins Mariana Karepova, as the first female president of the Austrian Patent Office, and Harald Schnidar, CEO of Scarletred, to discuss innovations and their protection in Austria. Compared to other European countries, Austria is already at the forefront in terms of patent applications and innovations and even ranked 1st in the EU in the European Commission's Innovation Ranking 2022. Nevertheless, both still see room for improvement regarding the translation of research and its integration in the market. 

From left to right:Isabella Richtar (host), Mariana Karepova (Austrian Patent Office), Harald Schnidar (Scarletred), Photo: B&C

The podcast episode is available on the B&C Group homepage.

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