5th Dermatology Drug Development Summit 2024 Europe Partners with Scarletred

5th Dermatology Drug Development Summit 2024 Europe Partners with Scarletred


Scarletred continues its successful partnership with the 5th Dermatology Drug Development Summit 2024 Europe in Berlin, Germany. CEO Harald Schnidar will speak about AI-assisted objective skin imaging in clinical trials.

The 5th Dermatology Drug Development Summit Europe is back on April 16-18 in Berlin, Germany, serving as a vital forum that adapts to the fast-paced advancements and evolving requirements in treating inflammatory skin diseases. The summit covers the latest insights on topics such as Psoriasis and Atopic dermatitis, as well as Prurigo Nodularis, Acne, Hidradenitis Suppurativa and Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria. It brings together major pharmaceutical companies, innovative biotechs and academic pioneers committed to bringing new treatments to patients. By bringing together specialists to tackle common obstacles and showcase how innovative research and development is rapidly transforming therapeutic strategies for a wide range of diseases, this summit is your essential industry milestone for understanding the coming trends in the field.

Scarletred's CEO, Dr. Harald Schnidar, will discuss the utilization of AI-driven objective skin imaging and analysis for skin diseases and drug evaluations during clinical trials as an expert speaker. Scarletred®Vision offers the best solution for standardized, top-tier mobile and smart skin imaging data. This CE-certified Class 1m medical software leverages AI-driven decision support through machine learning, enhancing the quality of clinical trials. The presentation will delve into various skin conditions, showcasing how Scarletred®Vision enables the creation of new digital biomarkers and endpoints to enhance clinical trials, ultimately leading to improved, high-quality relief for patients.

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5th Dermatology Drug Development Summit Europe 2024

April 16, 2024
Berlin, Germany

Our CEO Harald Schnidar is invited as an expert speaker to the Drug Development Summit in Berlin.

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