Scarletred® Skin Patch Variants
and Bio-Sensor Technology

Digital Gold Standard in Dermatology

Scarletred’s key innovation is our worldwide patented digital skin imaging and analysis method together with our skin patch technology. The medical device certified software platform is available on market since 2015 and on its way to revolutionise the digital assessment of more than 3 000 skin disease and worlds bigger health care market "Dermatology" overall. It is used and validated meanwhile in more than 100 clinical trials  (Phase I-IV) worldwide and got quickly adopted by pharma and cosmetics industry as the first digital gold standard in skin monitoring and image analysis.

"Our secret sauce is creating smart skin imaging data”
Harald Schnidar PhD MBA; CEO and Founder Scarletred

What is Smart Skin Imaging?

  • The patented features of our first generation
    (non-electronic) Scarletred® Skin Patch enable automated calibration of smartphone skin images for  parameters which can significantly impact negatively on the image data quality, such as changing light-, distance-, angle-, users-, and different device types. The patch is certified as medical device CE class 1 and supplied worldwide in the size variants (S, M, L); 
    see Figure below.

  • The calibration procedure is carried out via the Scarletred® mobile app, which automatically recognises the placed patch on the skin and guides the user through the procedure. When taking an image, the AI carries out computational intensive operations in a fully autonomous way, - it creates a calibrated image together with additional meta data on relevant skin parameters.

  • The meta data reflects the specific use case and is capable to provides deep skin insights about a persons individual skin health, an underlying skin disease, skin drug safety and efficacy and therewith related also treatment progress. It is processed by the Scarletred® online platform system, a CNN powered software which is continuously trained in controlled clinical trials by world leading Dermatologists and other specialists in the field.

distance & ANGLE

Next Generation eSkin Patch

Our next generation Scarletred® eSkin Patch (Figure to the right) is our first product derived from our new skin-sensor-technology-platform, which is capable to monitor also non-visual skin parameters such as skin temperature, skin moisture and there is a lot more to come. In addition to the smart imaging capabilities, the new skin patch version contains also electronic components to collect and exchange data. This new Product is currently under research and not yet delivered to the market. For obtaining more information on our skin patch platform please use our contact form.